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The Best ways to Generate Revenue from Stock Footage

1. Be mindful of potential legal issues: When shooting your footage, try not to focus on one building/entity or person. Attempt to get a good shot of three companies instead of one, or a group of people, to avoid any copyright issues.

2. Quality: Make sure you’re using the best quality camera. Some professionals believe shooting in no less than 4k quality. 

3. Try to have a natural eye: The simplest views such as your window from the 15th floor might give you that perfect shot 

4. Time-lapse: If you’re interested in shooting a time-lapse video, you should consider if it’s worth the time and money to sit for over 10 hours watching your camera. 

Use Stock Footage in Marketing

Stock Footage is What Your Videos Are Missing

Beautiful stock footage from around the world can be used in marketing campaigns for various types of businesses. A great example would be utilizing stock footage for resorts and other vacation spots. Having the resources, such as time, money and equipment is unreasonable for many of these businesses. That is where WorldClips.Tv comes into play. We offer stunning footage of places all over the world, including videos from Hawaii to Rio and even Australia. Cut this footage into your promotional videos for a great marketing tool.

Our unlimited downloads of stock footage for only $25 a year is a deal that should not be passed up! Contact us today for quality footage.

Why Stock Footage?

Stock Footage is the Solution to Your Web Video Needs

You want your videos to look big league and professional with exotic film content. The best way to achieve that is through stock footage downloads. Here are the top three reasons why you should be using stock footage in your original content:
  1. It is cheaper because you do not need to travel anywhere or pay for costly permits.
  2. Hollywood films utilize stock footage all the time. The perfect example being Forrest Gump.
  3. It’s immediate and ready for you right when you need it!

World Clips can provide you with unlimited downloads of thousands of quicktime clips for only $25 per year! Join the affordable stock footage club today.

July 2016

Take Travel Footage to the Next Level

Enhance Travel Footage with Stock Footage

Are you planning on making a video to document your summer travels? Didn’t quite get the shot you were looking for? Sometimes videos that we take while traveling might not have the right lighting or means to capture the perfect scene.

World Clips provides plenty of stock footage of popular travel destinations to make excellent travel videos that will wow your friends and family.

Destinations include:

  • Paris
  • Spain
  • Barcelona
  • London
  • Rome
  • Sicily
  • Boston
  • Las Vegas
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Hawaii
  • Bahamas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada
  • And more.

Visit World Clips to create the ultimate summer travel compilation.


June 2016

Stock Footage for Business Promotion

Promote your business with stock footage

If you are just starting out or are a business that can’t afford expensive production teams, is the perfect resource for you.

All you need is a camcorder, some video editing software, and a green screen. Every WorldClips works perfectly with all editing platforms including Final Cut, Adobe Premier, and more. WorldClips has hours of business stock footage clips including footage from exhibits, conventions, interviews, presentations, and more.

Utilize these clips to make instructional videos, commercials, and other videos needed to get your business’s name out to the masses at an affordable cost.

Visit WorldClips to start promoting your business now. 

May 2016

Footage that Takes you Around the World

There’s no need to spend extensive travel costs for productions when you can get your hands on hours of footage from around the world.

Catch clips of local wildlife, stunning scenic views, busying tourists, historical landmarks, tour guides, local residents and more. World Clips footage comes from countries all over the world including, Australia, Canada, The United States, Mediterranean countries, Caribbean countries, European countries, Latin American countries, Hawaiian islands and more.

For only $25 a year you will have access to thousands of video clips, all you need is a video camera, video editing software, and a green screen to make professional looking high quality movies, music videos, and more. Sign up at WorldClips.TV today. 

April 2016

Hours of Animal Footage

Whether it’s clips of Asian elephants or dolphins, WorldClips.TV is your animal stock footage destination.

WorldClips.TV’s animal collection includes videos of Anteaters, Blue Birds, Cockatoos, Elks, Flamingos, Giraffes, Gorillas, Horses, Koalas, Golden Eagles, Lions, Pandas, Peacocks, Seals, Wallabies, White Tigers, Wood Ducks, Zebras and more.

Use these stock videos for music videos, broadcasts, commercials, or any of your other broadcasting needs. Each clip along with other stock videos of various subjects are, available to download, edit, and cut as you see fit.

Thousands of stock videos are available for unlimited downloads for only $25 a year. To subscribe visit today. 

March 2016

Your Next Video is Waiting

If you are tired of paying high prices for the best video clips, World Clips has the solution. Any type of footage you need can be found on its site, and prices start as low as $25 per year. That’s quite a savings when you consider what other stock companies charge.

Your next quality clip awaits, and the individualized service only World Clips can provide is at the forefront of our model. Learn about how to use clips, find out where we are headed next for exquisite video footage, and make your next project rock. The clips are unique, they are of the highest quality, and they can be all yours. Learn about our creative content and download it for your next adventure.

February 2016
Get Thousands of Stock Videos

Have you ever run out of video footage while documenting travels, or for your video production? WorldClips.TV has thousands of stock video clips from 50 different countries to choose from. Some stock video companies’ charge a pricey amount for one clip, but WorldClips.TV only costs $25 per year for an unlimited amount of downloads. From the Caribbean to Canada there is stock footage from all of your favorite destinations.

All footage is shot in high quality, insuring the best footage for your videos. Download your clips, cut and edit them to fit with your own clips, and voila you have a complete and well shot production.

Join the stock footage club now


January 20-

This website is about to become more valuable to you than just hearing about my travel schedule for upcoming shoots.

We have just agreed with eMarketing Concepts to enhance the marketing of our website as well as this website.

Among the things they intend to do is to make this website live up to its name and provide real news about the growing stock footage market.  Obviously, we are glad to compare our service to any other distributor of stock footage.  None can match our price of only $25 per year for unlimited use of 5000 QuickTime, broadcast quality clips from 50 world location. 

So look for real news in the future, find us at and try us.  We are the perfect choice for web developers, student films, and other budget conscious producers that want the professional look stock footage affords.

February 27-

Obviously I am not a web type, I'm a video producer, so please forgive the infrequent additions to this odd feeling way of communicating (for me).  I wanted to encourage members to contact me directly with their problems or share their successes. This website is my way of giving back.  I want to encourage creative use of our clips at very little cost. Contact me anytime at: or 520-398-2212.     Go out there and make something great!  


November 2-

Check out our new 4K stuff up on the Getty website

Coming soon; Curacao, South Beach, Nassau, Key West, Lake Tahoe winter, more SXM, more New Orleans, and in June Venice, Olympia, Santorini, Mykonos, Ephesus, Capri, Pompeii, and Rome.

Why bother to unpack?

October 18-

When I’m on a shoot, that’s all I think about.  Now that I’m back from shooting 4K of South Beach, Nassau and Key West, I thought I’d catch up.

Shooting 4K creates awesome video, but it creates monster huge files.  I know about the cloud, but with 4K stock footage, I would be uploading day and night for the next 100 years.  As a result, I’m burning through hard drive space faster than burned through cash. 

Fortunately, the cost of space on drives keeps dropping.  I bought my first drive fast enough for video is 1999.  Almost $2000 for 9 Gigabytes!  Yesterday, I brought two 3 Terabyte drives from my partner at B&H Photo for about $110 each (plus free shipping!)  I did not get any special treatment.  Anyone can get that price from B&H.  If you need massive drive space as I do, you’ll find it at ridiculously low prices at this address:

September 17-

4K for Real

Every year for the last 20 I’ve made the pilgrimage to NAB to try on the next great thing.  Two years ago when the buzz was all about 3D, JVC quietly demonstrated a handheld 4K camera.  I looked at the 3D cameras and more importantly; I looked at the monitors being touted by all the Japanese big boys.  Anyone coming away from that show thinking 3D had arrived was looking through incredibly annoying rose-colored 3D glasses.  Until there is a device one can walk around 360 without glasses, 3D has not arrived.  I bought the JVC 4K from B&H Photo as soon as I got home.

4K is ready for primetime.  My handheld JVC GY-HMQ10 makes even the most expensive HD camera images look like they were shot underwater.  So what if telecasters have not figured out the delivery systems yet, ultraHD disc players will be ready by Christmas or soon thereafter as will your favorite movies in 4K.  UltraHD sets are under $5000 and will be dropping as fast or faster than HD set prices. More features are being shot 4K and the migration away from 1080p is inevitable for most high-end television productions.  With the arrival of Apple’s new Pro Mac in the next few weeks, the last hurdle to full utilization as a production medium will have been cleared (the rendering time for these huge 4K files is a beast with my current Mac). 

I know SONY has announced they will have a handheld 4K camera soon.  I’m sure it will be killer.  But I have produced multiple collections for Getty Images in the last two years with my JVC GY-HMQ10 and it’s hard to imagine SONY can do better. 

So I’m committed to 4K (check out my stuff at Getty); it’s the ultimate acquisition format now and will be the television industry standard in a few years.  Can you believe we were still using NTSC less than a decade ago?  Hey, that footage is still great for web video productions and at $25 a year for unlimited downloads, WorldClips.TV is still the best deal anywhere for budget conscious producers.  My Ultra HD? That’s gonna run you a little more.

Sept 4-

Our 4K UltraHD collection is now exclusively available through Getty. And when we get our new Mac Pros from our partner at B&H Photo, it will grow even faster.  If you need urban, rural, desert, Caribbean, animals, or lots of other stuff, check us out now for the best choice possible for high quality projects.  We will soon be adding 4K of autumn in the mountains of Colorado, Hawaii, and the high Sierras in summer, the white mountains of Arizona, Palm Beach, Key West, Nassau, South Beach Miami, Sedona and lots more in the months to come. 

Call Getty directly to ask for my 4K (the files are too big for download!) or call me and I’ll hook you up with them.  My Getty footage is listed by artist “Gary Isaacson” (that being me) to distinguish it from our WorldClips collections.

WorldClips.TV is still your most cost effective way to get the stock footage you need for your web videos and websites, but when you need HD for a television project, you can get the WorldClips brand quality assurance by shopping our aggregators that identify us by name. We have 10 aggregators for our HD, but for some reason, only and identify us by name.  So why take a chance?  Do you really want to buy “HD” shot from a moving car by an iPhone?  

August 30

Though I’ve been shooting and editing 4K UltraHD footage for almost two years, the job has not gotten easier because of the weakest link in my system (other than me?)  4K files are huge; a finished clip can be 4Gig! Even with my fastest Mac and a thunderbolt connection to my fastest peripheral drive, rendering a clip can take half an hour.  Fortunately, it’s baseball season and I can have a game on while I wait.  I need this problem solved by October.

Fortunately, it looks like Apple is again coming to my rescue with the soon-to-be announced arrival of it new Mac Pro.  Check this out.

I’m going to be shooting Las Vegas, Miami, Palm Beach, Key West and Nassau in the next few weeks and by the time I get back, that Mac Pro better be on the market or I may chained to my editing station until after the first of the new year.

The promise is great; Apple has always delivered for me in the past, so hurry up and launch that sucker.  And I’m confident I’ll be able to order it on-line the first day it’s available from by trusted long-time equipment provider B&H Photo.  The Apple stores are great, but why stand in line when I can order on-line at the best price?

Whether you are buying our footage from www.WorldClips.TV or HD from our many aggregators or our 4K exclusively from Getty Images, you can be assured we have and we’ll always continue to offer the best quality footage using the leading edge of technology.


When B&H Photo at said they want to partner with me, I certainly didn’t play coy.  Hey, I don’t play easy-to-get with just anyone.  What kind of a website do you think I am?  B&H however is the George Clooney of the industry.  So, yeah, we’re hooking up. 

I bought my first digital camcorder from B&H, a SHARP VL-D5000 that I dragged most of the way around the world from 1999-2004.  It still works great and I would use it had the world not changed and gone to HD.  So then I bought my next camcorder from B&H, a SONY HDV-Z that I still use as a backup camera and for HD shoots.  My most recent purchase from B&H has been the incredible game-changing 4K JVC GY-HMQ10.


With this camera I have set up in seconds in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. at night without getting flattened.  Try that with an ARRI or RED. 

I could shoot a theatrical feature with this camera if I were better at cold-calling strangers to beg them for money.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Traveling the world shooting stock footage is already my dream gig.  Having talent is a necessity to be successful in any artistic endeavor, contacts and luck play their part, but without the right tools, one cannot even compete.  I have always gotten the best products, the best service and the best prices for everything from my Macs, to my storage and to my cameras from B&H Photo…and I would say that even if we weren’t “involved”. 

Of course if you are a producer of web videos, do you need 4K? No.  You need www.WorldClips.TV  Where else can you get access to unlimited downloads of 5000 stock footage clips from 50 world locations for only $25 per year?  Just us.  And if you need specific HD shots, buy direct from the source.  Call us at 520-398-2212 and we'll get you your shot at an absurdly low price.


Well, obviously I'm not obsessed with blogging, but if you are reading this, you may have some unanswered questions about using WorldClips that I hope to answer.  At $25 a year for 5000 clips from 50 world locations, many would wonder why we would sell our clips so cheap. Truth be told, WorldClips is our "discount outlet" for the productions of Isaacson Communications, Inc.  The entire inventory was shot between 2000 and 2004 on the then highest quality NTSC equipment.  Now that the world has migrated to HD (and we have gone a step beyond and are now shooting 4K ultraHD) it is time to make these collections available to cost-conscious producers of web videos and video home pages.  These are the groups who can use WorldClips to best advantage.  By importing WorldClips into Final Cut (or even iMovie) and exporting them as 1080p files, web video producers can create HD projects for a fraction of what it would cost to buy individual clips from other providers.

A risk of $25 for 5000 clips?  Try it.  If you're unhappy, write me directly at my personal address at and I'll personally make sure you get your money back.  What do you have to lose?  Thanks for reading.

Gary Isaacson


WorldClips.TV is the affordable stock footage resource for prosumers and consumers that make up the majority of video content producers. For our professional HD customers we have recommended two of our aggregators, and because they recognize WorldClips by our brand name.  When you are shopping for HD clips on-line, brand matters.  A video shot on an iPhone from a moving car can be called "HD", but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck.

Today I am very pleased to announce a new home and a new brand for our highest of high-end video stock footage.  As of now, our 4K video stock footage will be represented by Getty Images.  UltraHD was the sensation of CES this year and will be adopted faster than HD once the screen prices start down.  Isaacson Communications, Inc. will be one of the first represented providers of this footage in the world.
So when you need the least expensive way to get stock footage for your web productions, you answer is WorldClips.TV , when you have graduated to needing the best quality footage on the market, look for my moniker, by Gary Isaacson, soon to be up on


Hope you guys had a great holiday season...and now it's time to get back to the fun of turning out creative content.  Do we have the best jobs in the world or what?

When I wear my producer's hat, I'm obsessed with getting value for my budget.  When the production is yours, you want every dollar to show up on the screen. 

Conversely, the commission based business model still employed by many advertising agencies rewards them for over-spending the client's money.   I started as an advertising agency and I got rid of this conflict of interest by charging a flat retainer based upon a yearly budget.   My interests and the client's were thus aligned.   I was always looking for value because I knew my client's reach would be greater and his advertising more successful if I could produce the message for the least cost and badger time salesmen into giving me the lowest rates on the card.

As a young man the “old hands” told me that the advertising game was about getting as much from the client while you can because we all eventually get fired. Also, they preached the truism that there are only so many clients worth having and to get them, I would need to take them from somebody else.   No wonder I jumped to the independent production side as soon as I could afford it.

So I hope those of you in advertising can make the case for value producing within your company and that those of you working on a set budget (especially if it's on your dime) do what I do; throw nickels around like they were manholes covers. 

You can have 5000 top quality stock footage clips of world locations when you subscribe to WorldClips.TV for a mere $25 per year.  You knew I would come back to self-promotion eventually, but it pays to advertise and this posting is free.

How can a 35 year old company be new again?   We continue to re-invent ourselves.   WorldClips has been creating and marketing stock footage since 2000.  Before that our company Isaacson Communications,  Inc. had created and produced broadcast programs for network and national syndication, in the process being recognized with 4 Emmy nominations and multiple other awards.  Our stock footage has been used in innumerable programs including;
"48 Hours", "Wheel of Fortune", "Vegas", "Real Sex", "The Late Late Show", "Dawson's Creek" and even on "Oprah" among many other broadcast shows.

Our list of satisfied stock footage customers number in the tens of thousands. 

As anyone in the industry knows, a lot has changed of late.  The stock footage business has divided into two distinct markets; the high-end broadcast and digital film market which has a customer base in the tens of thousands worldwide and the consumer/prosumer market with a potential hundreds of millions of users worldwide.  WorldClips has evolved to meet those changes.

So far, we have sold our HD stock footage through many aggregators.  Though all offer fine service and direct downloads, only two recognize our work by the brand "WorldClips".  We therefore recommend you assure yourself of our quality by buying from or

WorldClips.TV has a new focus.   We are now squarely aimed at the needs of those video producers and web designer whose final destination for their work is the web.  One thing matters most to those millions of producers, how to get the most quality for the least possible amount of money.   The answer is WorldClips.TV

Now for the less than the cost of downloading one clip from even a low cost stock footage provider, you can have thousands of clips, anytime you want, no time limits, no download limits, all for only $25 per year. 

You're producing a web design or a show for YouTube with a limited budget and you want unlimited access to stock video content to make your creation fly.  Why would you pay more than $25 per year?

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